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Okay, this may not be construed necessarily as an “oddity” or “curiosity”, but the band to me in themselves have always been quite an oddity. Just listen to their music. So, I have posted on this blog a few of the videos I shot of the concert, just to see how empowering they are. For me this was a special treat, because Paul Leary, the lead guitarist, was not originally supposed to be there. He was only scheduled to play one or two select dates. In addition, word got out that one of the drummers had to cancel at the last minute. I decided to buy a ticket because a last-minute announcement said that the entire original 1980’s lineup would be there, including several kids from the Rock School, which I guess is in Austin. I think the movie “School of Rock”, featuring Jack Black, is based on this school.

One more thing: the sound on my little Canon Powershot is absolutely HORRIBLE. So, for now, you’ll just need to envision in your head what they sounded like. But at the club itself, seeing them live, the sound was absolutely amazing, including all the tape work and voice-altering effects.

Unfortunately, this was not a full-fledged Butthole Surfers experience, as was conducted back in the 1980’s, and into the early 90’s. It was more of a “toned down, we’re old and out of money so we’re doing a quick low-budget reunion” kind of thing. The screen that played all the trippy movies was very portable (not full-stage as it used to be), and there were only a couple strobe lights (back in the day, strobe lights evidently coated the entire back wall, giving everyone in the crowd epilepsy).

So anyway, here they are for you, full force. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

Oh – one more thing. The security guards were not very happy about my filming. But, they didn’t pat us down at the entrance, and the band didn’t seem to have any problem with it. So, unfortunately, I didn’t get nearly as much up-close footage as I wanted to. However, standing on the back balcony, I seemed to have no problem. Here we go…

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